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lifecard 22 wmr

Looking for lifecard 22 wmr Discreet Carry Pistol? Then look no further! Available now only at Trailblazer lifecard! GOOD PRICE!. FREE Shipping!. Fit and finish on the Trailblazer lifecard 22 wmr is superb. This little pistol is definitely what you think of when it comes to quality in manufacturing. The way it folds up for carrying and unfolds for shooting should satisfy your inner gadget nerd and the Isonite finish might be the next thing people start clamouring for on their larger pistols.

life card 22 wmr

Firing the gun produces an interesting recoil sensation. It’s not painful, or stout, or even uncomfortable in any way. .22 LR guns typically have very little recoil, and even in handguns it’s not really felt. In the LifeCard the gun bucks a bit, and let us remind you just how lightweight it is. The odd rectangular grip isn’t exactly ergonomic, but it works. Reloading the gun is as simple as breaking the barrel open, pull the empty case out, and loading the new one in.

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The LifeCard comes packaged in a black cardboard box with the Trailblazer Firearms logo printed on the cover. Inside is a die-cut foam that holds the LifeCard inside along with a small Master brand luggage lock and a spent casing.

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The LifeCard is a fully ambidextrous gun and is very simple in design. The handle and barrel both have toggles that have to be pulled to use the weapon.